A Page from Our Family Scrapbook


I have been immensely blessed to have faithful Christian mothers in my life and in honor of this holiday weekend, I’m sharing a few lessons (I’m still learning) from the mothers in my life.

Lesson one. Never be too busy to make others feel important by sharing your most precious gift-your time. This advice comes from a woman who raised six children and didn’t live in the age of automatic dishwashers, vacuum cleaners or modern day washers and dryers. This was truly a woman with a never-ending to-do list yet she always found the time to sit and just listen to whoever needed to share.

Lesson two comes from a lady who didn’t always have very much in the material-wise, but she was a joy to be around because she could always find a reason to laugh. Whether it was a pair of mismatched shoes she wore to church or the great-grandchild who thought it was funny to tickle her with a feather duster, she was always laughing. A childhood accident left this sweet lady without four fingers on one of her hands, yet she was still known as one of the best cooks around and remembered by this writer for turning the game of Old Maid into a laughing fit because she could never find a way to hold all of her cards.

Lesson three. Do without so that your children can do with. Today’s society teaches us the complete opposite of this-we are entitled to anything and everything we want. The “We are women, hear us roar” mentality is practically shoved down our throats but the truth is one of the most beautiful sights in the world is a mother who quietly sacrifices for her family.

 Lesson four: Work outside. With your hands. This is a lesson also taught by the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, “with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.” At the time I am writing this, I am in the process of planting my first garden. Growing up, I helped with gardens, but this is my first time to do one on my own and I am already learning so much. The work is so rewarding. My wonder for the all-knowing Maker is deepening and my appreciation for the lady who discovered this secret long ago continues to grow, even though her work here is done.

 Lesson five. Stand back and let your child shine. There will come a time when your child will do something (hopefully many things) that makes you so proud. When those moments arise, be proud, but relish in it quietly. Thank God, rather than telling everyone what a great mom you are because of their accomplishment. This isn’t always an easy one. Sometimes we’ve worked as hard as our child has for that moment and we just get caught up in the relief and excitement of success, but it is heartbreaking to see a mother competing for the spotlight with her child. So what if others don’t know what you went through to help get your child to that point? God does. And He is the only one that matters.

These ladies shared many common beliefs, but none more important than doing all within your power to get your family to heaven. I pray that you have been blessed with some of these same influences in your life, but if that isn’t the case, take these lessons and start sharing them with your family. Remember that your actions make your legacy and you will continue to teach and love with that after your little ones are grown and even after your time here is done. Hannah knew that our children are only on loan to us-they belong to God. Mary knew the time was fleeting so she treasured what Jesus said in heart. Jochabed taught us to never ignore our protective instincts and Eunice knew the most important thing to pass on the next generation was her faith.

To Christian mothers. May we raise them. May we praise them. May we be them.


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