Little Things

Little things matter. Murmuring seems like a small thing, yet it was big enough to keep the Israelites wandering in the wilderness an extra forty years. It was big enough be addressed by Paul in 1 Cor. 10:1-2. Murmuring is a small step that if left untreated, leads to much larger problems such as hard-heartedness and hard-heartedness doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process. It starts with the small things. Good and evil both multiply with compound interest. We recognize that, without the little things, the big things are nonexistent and yet sometimes we still tire of doing the little things, or fall into the misconception that small things don’t matter. Reaching our goal of heaven is a lifetime of single, small steps on the straight and narrow path. Even the work of the church can be broken down into a multitude of small works, and these seemingly small works are exactly what encourages us to keep taking those steps toward our eternal home. What an incredibly blessing and encouragement it is to witness and take part in these “little works.”

-a genuine love and concern for one another

-lessons applicable to the young, the old and everyone in between

-“extra milers” making visitors and new members feel like family

-retirees who’ve simply “retired” to another work

-leadership concerned about membership and vice versa

-wisdom passed down from the more experienced

-elders, teachers and leaders graciously accepting requests and input

-handwritten notes (& baked goods) to welcome new members

-teenagers including the church in their future plans

-a willingness to address the hard topics

-brethren lifted to the throne room of Heaven in prayer

-striving to make the most of the resources God has given

-parents with the main goal of getting their children to heaven

-constant prayer for brethren in other countries

-a commitment to teaching the truth

-grandmothers putting their arms of wisdom around young mothers and offering loving encouragement

-a desire to work-regardless of the task

-elders who encourage young families to keep doing a great job

-members of all ages quoting the books of the bible together

-ladies striving to follow the example of the virtuous woman

-members working together rather than in competition

-a common goal: heaven

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