Independence Prayers


As this weekend approaches, my mind is focused on our country. I remember the numerous sacrifices required to provide the freedom we enjoy. I pray for the families whose loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice. I think of those in other countries who are not enjoying this same freedom and wonder how long this country will retain such a blessing.  I pray the sacrifices given to make this country what it is will never be in vain. I pray we will never lose our respect for those who saw the importance of such a sacrifice and willingly made it. I pray for this country. I pray for its people.

-for the high school graduate who just enlisted

-for those who are waiting for loved ones to come home

-for the dad who surprises his son after a two year tour in Iraq

-for the couple deployed separately

-for the wife of who meets her husband coming home in flag covered casket

-for the soldier who sits in a wheelchair after three tours in Afghanistan

-for the mothers who kneel by their beds and pray for the safety of their children

-for the eighty year old widow who is handed a flag as her husband of sixty years is laid to rest

-for the grandchildren who know their grandfather solely from stories told beside a memorial flag and army snapshot

-for those who loved ones rest at Arlington

-for the tear stained faces that say goodbye to a dad as he boards an Iraq-bound plane

-for the mom who makes sure things keep running on track while that dad is on a tour

-for the celebrities who are humble enough to point admirers to the true heroes…

the ones in uniform

-for those who put their lives on the line everyday and for those who stand behind them.

We thank you. We remember you. We pray for you. Always.

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