Let the Light In.


Hate seems to be running rampant and fear is almost tangible in our society-in our world right now. Flags seem permanently positioned at half mast, while common courtesy seems to have become a lost art; and manners, well they are almost unheard of. One of the worst parts? The media seems more than content to continually dwell and foster these negative stories, but focusing on the darkness only breeds more hate. more fear.

Standing up to it? That requires love and light.

In 1940, Sarah Ophelia Colley was about to make her debut appearance at the Grand Ole Opry.  Her fear must have been evident, because Judge Hay remarked, “You’re scared, aren’t you honey?” When she confirmed his suspicions, he replied, “Just love them, honey, and they’ll love you right back.” Ophelia Colley never forgot that advice and that-coupled with the advice from her father to always keep her character kind-made Minnie Pearl a household name that still brings joy and laughter to so many.

Judge Hay echoed the words of Jesus when he advised Ophelia those many years ago. The answer is always love. Love in response to fear, in response to hate, in response to persecution.

Love is the only way to let the light in.

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