It goes without saying that I am extremely thankful for the mothers who influenced my younger years and words could not even begin to express the gratitude I feel for the woman who gave me my life’s blood. I’ve shared some of those feelings in past years and even if I were to write about those amazing women every single year, I feel certain I could never truly give them the credit they are due. But this year, I’m not necessarily writing as much to them as I am to these women who are currently on this motherhood journey with me. After joining the ranks of motherhood five years ago, I developed a new found appreciation for those women who invested their time in me years ago, and while I will always feel a debt to them I will never fully repay, I don’t currently get to see them down in the trenches. Being able to glean from their wisdom and listen to past experiences is a valuable resource, but it’s not the only one I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for my motherhood sisters-those friends who are doing this mom thing right here, right now, right beside me. The ones who are currently experiencing the joy and frustration of raising little people to grow into who God wants them to be. The ones who share their latest and greatest finds from the best sippy cups to diaper bags. The ones who ask for my prayers and pray for me. The ones who pray for my children. The ones who meet us for playtime and the ones dedicated enough to take playtime away when attitudes aren’t what they should be. The ones brave enough to be real and demonstrate hospitality, even in a Pinterest-perfect world. The ones who meet to have bible studies together. The ones who acknowledge that different methods can sometimes still lead to the same results. The ones who offer their undivided attention to my children along with their own. The ones who refuse to treat other moms as competitors, but rather sisters. The ones continually striving to keep their husband the top priority-which is no small task here in momland. The ones who lend an ear and offer a shoulder when the rough times hit. The ones who find time to still write encouraging blog posts. The ones who make sure you feel special on your birthday.  The ones who powered through that vacation where everyone had the stomach bug and lived to tell about it. The ones who gather supplies for neighbors who experience a crisis, provide food for potluck dinners, and shower moms-to-be with everything they will need for new babies. The ones who point others toward the one who provides all our strength. To the moms in my village. To the moms walking beside me as we strive to make our way to our heavenly home – carry on and keep drinking all the coffee. We’re in this together and I couldn’t ask for better companions.


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