Memorable Moms

 In honor of the upcoming Mother’s day this week’s posts are all about those who fill that special role. Today I’m sharing a post from my previous blog that highlights a few of my favorite TV moms (in no particular order).

IMG_8336 Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) – The quick-witted mom who shares our coffee obsession along with our love for Casablanca.


Marilla Cuthbert (Anne of Green Gables) – taught us that you are never to old to impact the life of a child, or to have them impact yours.


Tess Coleman (Freaky Friday 2003) – Whether it’s Mrs. Andrews or Tess Coleman, Freaky Friday is a classic.
Rebecca Boone (Daniel Boone) – The American frontier woman whose strength and courage we can’t help but admire.
IMG_8323Queen Clarisse Renaldi (The Princess Diaries) – Reminding us how cool grandmothers can be-in an elegant sort of way, of course.
 Leigh Anne Tuohy (The Blindside) -The strong Southern woman who taught us how to open our homes along with our hearts as we have opportunity and find that we just might be the ones whose lives change.
Olivia Walton (The Waltons) – The ever-present, ever-patient rock her children so often needed to lean on. She taught us to use what you were given, dare to dream and value family heritage.
 Ruth Martin (Lassie) – knew the importance of allowing children to make lifetime friends of the four-legged kind.
Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch) – A lovely lady who somehow managed to keep six kids, a housekeeper, a husband and a dog in perfect order-most of the time anyway.
 June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) – The maternal picture of perfection with her ever present string of pearls. Our society could take many lessons from her.
Endora (Bewitched) – Alright, maybe this is a rather poor example of a mother-in-law, but you have to admit the tests and torments she constantly put Darrin through were entertaining.
 Samantha Stephens (Bewitched) – Life couldn’t be easy with a child who could make their favorite toys float over to them, but Sam made managing the chaos of mixing the witch and mortal world look relatively easy.
Clair Huxtable (The Cosby Show) – The lawyer who showed us how to effectively (and seemingly effortlessly) do it all, including tips on how to put your husband and kids on the witness stand.
Jill Taylor (Home Improvement) – Forever endearing to us simply for putting up with Tim-the-tool-man Taylor and his constant projects.
Marion Cunningham (Happy Days) – Most commonly known to us as Mrs. C, she harbored one of the biggest hearts we’ve ever seen.
Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy) – We often forget that our zany yet loveable redhead had a beautiful maternal side, which we were privileged to see with the introduction of little Ricky.
Caroline Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie) – Lovingly referred to as Ma, was probably my first “TV mom influence.” She taught us a great deal about patience, hard work and family values. With her recent appearance on the Today show, we learned just how much Karen Grassle took that role to heart as tears rolled down her cheeks during a clip of “her” girls.
Laura Petrie (The Dick Van Dyke Show) – showing us how to make the best out of rather unfortunate or embarrassing circumstances.
Ma Kettle (Ma and Pa Kettle) –Teaching us the correct way to let everyone know when dinner was ready…”Come an’ get it!”
Donna Stone (The Donna Reed Show) – had to be the sister of June Cleaver, because they shared the same grace and elegance-even when doing the everyday housekeeping.
Kate Bradley (Petticoat Junction) – effectively running a business while managing a household and an Uncle Joe.
Amy Duncan (Good Luck Charlie) – BAH BAM!
and finally…
Jane Jetson (The Jetsons) – who made living in the future look like perfection, but then again, she had Rosie…

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