{a little more}.

Hi. I’m Melissa and here’s what you should know about me.

I’m a collector of things vintage and rustic. I am self-diagnosed with Elly May Clampet syndrome and Smoky Mountain fever. I am a dedicated (and I do mean dedicated) list maker, Pinterest enthusiast and coffee addict. I am a bookworm who attempts to channel the fabulous Ree Drummond in my kitchen, the lovely Donna Reed in my home and the hilarious Sophie Hudson in my writing. I am a true southern soul living my own happily ever after with a firefighter (who I am sometimes able to persuade to write a little here too).

Most importantly, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, and He has blessed me in immeasurable ways. My intent in being here is to encourage you in your daily walk with God. I hope this website can be a two-sided relationship; one where you will feel free to contact me, question me, and encourage me, as I attempt to encourage you. Above all, I hope to point you toward God, the Source of any wisdom you may gain through visiting this site. I am so thankful you’re here.

oh, and I love country roads, because, after all, they take us home, don’t they?

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